affordable housing

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: VHFA Down Payment Assistance Program 10/07/2015

Bright Street Housing Co-op Ground Breaking 08/27/2015

Burlington CEDO Show: Continuum of Care - Homelessness 08/24/2015

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: Affordable Assisted Living 08/05/2015

: Chamberlin Neighborhood Airport Planning Committee 07/13/2015

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: Comprehensive Legislative Wrap-up - Housing, Homelessness and Related Issues 06/03/2015

South Burlington Chamberlin Neighborhood Project - Shaping Your Community's Future 05/27/2015

Housing - Fair, Safe, Affordable: Roundup of the Legislative Session 05/21/2015

All Wards NPA Housing Summit 05/20/2015

ECOS in Action: Housing Issues 05/18/2015

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