Tribute to Peter Freyne, Friend and Countryman

January 13, 2009

CCTV's work with Peter Freyne began in 1985 when we launched coverage of Burlington's City Council meetings and started asking questions about the role of the local press corps in keeping democracy open. Watch selected interviews (with and by Peter) plus legislative debates from the past 25 years here...

Report on Communications Security Meeting # 1

January 04, 2009

We are in the midst of a great sea change – the tides of the analog and digital age are turning as we move swiftly into an interconnected future. Who will control our data? Will we have open networks? Will journailsm exist? Who do we trust? How do we take back our communications/ information "commons" and secure free speech and democracy in the future?

Free Speech in 2034: Local Communications Security Meeting #1

December 03, 2008
Are you Dreaming of an Open Internet and Public Access to Local Media? The New Administration Wants to Know

CCTV Unveils 25th Anniversary Celebrations

December 03, 2008

Join 25 years of fun!  CCTV Rewind, Free Speech Art Auction, 25 Year Screening, Waterfront Anniversary Gala and more as we celebrate CCTV's silver anniversary with our community!

Ring in the Holidays: Join us for Fun, Food and Live TV

December 03, 2008

We’ll ring in the solstice with a look at 25 years of public access TV, a tribute to Channel 17’s star producers.

CCTV Rewind Premieres

November 29, 2008
Celebrating 25 Years of Public Access in Vermont, CCTV raids its archives to bring you great moments in our community history.

Watch Lessons from Election 2008

November 02, 2008

With the "netroots" largely activated, what can we learn from Election 2008?

CCTV Productions Wins Alliance for Community Media Award

October 29, 2008

CCTV Productions 13-minute profile of the Vermont Women's Mentor program has been awarded first place in the documentary profile category of the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region video contest.

Town Meeting on the Digital Television Conversion

October 20, 2008

Please Join Senator Bernie Sanders
and Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps
for a Town Meeting on the Digital Television Conversion

Wednesday, October 22
7:00 p.m.
Contois Auditorium
Burlington City Hall

Channel 17 Election forums and Coverage Begins October 6

October 06, 2008

Candidate forums, blogging, poll interviews and full elction night results, all part of Channel 17's continued Local Election season coverage.