Media Makers: #10- Erma Syarto, Former Reporter for WVNY-TV and WCAX-TV 02/17/1986

Cochran Ski Area Lollipop Day 02/16/1986

UVM Conference - Jules Chametzky: Benefits of Organizing in Higher Education 02/14/1986

UVM Organizing Conference - Additional Thoughts 02/14/1986

Burlington "Guitar Wars", with Sportin' Johnsons and Mayor Sanders 02/13/1986

Susan B. Anthony Awards 02/13/1986

Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This Is You! E33 02/12/1986

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Town Meeting Day 2021 Forums Begin January 14th

To help voters better understand the people and questions on their local ballots, Town Meeting TV (formerly known as Channel 17) will present a series of candidate forums, budget presentations, and other election-related programs beginning Thursday, January 14th.


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