Jerry Lee Lewis Concert at the Flynn Theater 06/01/1986

Statewide Nuclear Weapons Freeze Press Conference 05/29/1986

Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This You! E53 05/28/1986

Old North End Discussion of the McNeil Generating Plant, Led by BED's Alan Yandow 05/28/1986

Senator Patrick Leahy: National Wildlife Federation Legislative Award Presented to Senator Leahy 05/27/1986

Senator Leahy Response to an ERA Question 05/27/1986

CCTV Goes to Washington 1986: D.C. Raw Video #7 - Five Miscellaneous Video 05/22/1986

CCTV Goes to Washington 1986: D.C. Raw Video #6 - TV Correspondents Wallace and Plante; The Dissenters 05/22/1986

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