Tom Paxton at Battery Park - "Goin' to the Zoo" 07/17/1986

Tom Paxton - Love Song (?) 07/17/1986

Folksinger Tom Paxton Plays Battery Park Free Concert Series 07/17/1986

Tom Paxton - "We All Sound the Same" 07/17/1986

Men for the ERA Press Conference, and Interviews with Snelling and Easton 07/14/1986

Bikes for Peace Rides Through Burlington 07/14/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders' Press Conference Regarding Boycott Against General Electric 07/10/1986

Jack Hughes and Ag Commissioner ? - The Willie Nelson Farm Aid Benefit Auction 07/09/1986

Sen. Pat Leahy Press Conference about Campaign Spending Issues 07/08/1986

In the Mood for Food - Appetizers 07/08/1986

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