What's Ahead? Deep Community

November 14, 2016

The week before the November election, international community organizer Paul Born visited Vermont to answer the question of how we make long term social change happen. He described the importance of Deep Community, places where doors are open between people, times when we share our stories, and experiences that involve taking care of each other and working together for a better world.

Building Deep Community is the core of our mission here at CCTV Center for Media & Democracy. Through your programs, Town Meeting Television and Common Good Vermont, we open the doors to free speech, fight for open media networks and, with you, knit together local and state level change makers so that we can make a greater impact.


In the months and years ahead, we will continue to work with you so that “good ideas spread like wildfire across the democratic sky”. We will redouble our collective efforts to build a community worth living in for everyone. We hope that you will join us.


Thank you to candidates, volunteers and staff members who helped make Channel 17’s election coverage the best ever and to everyone who works to keep the wheels of democracy turning.


Looking to the work ahead,


P.S. - Paul Born's talk will air next week as part of the Collective Impact Conference 2016. Watch for it!