Remote Community Production During Covid19

April 15, 2020

Community Production During Covid19

We want to help you continue creating community producer content while the Town Meeting TV public studios are closed due to Covid19. Contact us with any questions, ideas, or comments: Morourke [at] cctv [dot] org (Morourke [at] cctv [dot] org) 

Record community content on your phone, your ipad, your home video camera or use a teleconferencing platform that allows you to record. Send in your video files here: 


Fill out the form: we will add titles, share the program with TV viewers around the state and archive it for the future!


Using Zoom to Create your own Studio TV shows

Zoom is one system that allows for pretty good audio and video quality regardless of a user's home system or bandwidth


Invite your guests into the meeting early and make sure they are comfortable using Zoom.  Allow time to practice.

Lock the ‘meeting’ before starting


Make sure you are recording!


Create a clear start, Give yourself and your guests a clear countdown 


As the host, when you change the view from “Gallery View” to “Speaker View” it will change what shows up on the recording. 


Gallery View shows all guests                     Speaker View shows one guest  

 Here is a very short video demonstration of views, added titles and screen sharing:                                                                                                             

Both the host and the guest(s) can share their screen to show images, powerpoint graphics, webclips, videos etc. 

Create a clear Ending. “That’s A Wrap or Thank You For Joining Me”

Upload your finished file and the form so we can title it for TV and online playback.


Some other suggestions:

Keep it short 10-20 minutes

Get to the ‘meat’ quickly

Know the points you want to cover and any actions you want your audience to take - include web links when you fill out the form!

Listen for surprises : )

Don’t Forget to Record and Send Us the Files!

Record your call/video conference and then upload the file to our submission link

We will add titles - please fill out the form at this link to assist us in this