2nd Annual VAN Video Challenge

January 12, 2017

Grab a team, pick a leader, devise a plan for your video and then head to your local community access media and TV center (or online here) and enter to participate, by January 20, 2017, in the 2nd annual statewide VAN (VT Access Network) video challenge.  Your video won't be due until March 8, 2017 and your video center wants to help you get the skills and equipment you need to participate.

Three age categories (Use your team leader's age)

  • Up to Grade 9
  • Grade 10-12
  • College and Adult

Contest Guidelines as follows:

  • LENGTH: The finished projects should be no more than 5 minutes in length.
  • GENRE: There will be no genre this year, but the video, whether fiction or nonfiction, must tell a story and will be judged based upon specific Criteria.
  • THEME: There will be no theme this year, but one scene must be shot in a Vermont public (PEG) Access Center. (There are 25 in Vermont.)
  • CONTENT: No copyrighted content should be included without written permission to do so. Creative Commons content license and artist info should be specified. VAN will put no other prohibitions on content. It is also recommended that all participants (and absolutely all minor participants must) complete a Talent Release Form. Suggest they find music at: www.FreeMusicArchive.org.
  • EQUIPMENT: Other than this year's requirement to shoot at least one scene in a PEG Access Center, the hope of the project is that it will encourage participants to use as many of your AMO's resources as possible and needed.
  • FORMAT: The video file format must be either .mov or .mp4. However, videos will eventually be edited together as one Showcase to be distributed statewide. Please make sure that participants begin with 5 seconds of black, followed by the "VAN Video Challenge 2017" title card, and then with another 5 seconds of black before their production begins. The video should end with 5 seconds of black.

AMO staff is prohibited from participating in this contest.

Questions? Please contact one of the Organizing Committee:
Bob Franzoni: 802-295-6688 bob [at] catv8 [dot] org
Angelike Contis: 802-434-2550 angelike [at] mmctv [dot] org
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Deadline to complete and submit videos by close of AMO's business hours.
Projects must be submitted as files, either on drives or data discs, and
meet the technical requirement as set forth above.
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Note: This document and all Video Challenge material can be found on the VAN  website http://vermontaccess.net/how-do-i/enter-the-van-video-challenge/