2018 VIDEO of Local Candidate Forums and Ballot Presentations

February 28, 2018

February 2018
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Channel 17 has concluded 2018 town meeting election forums. See below for video links to the completed forums.

Williston Town Meeting - March 5, 2018 at 7 p.m. live video stream at https://youtu.be/n_t9eOFdgfA
Essex Town Meeting - March 5, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.  live video stream on cable Channel 17 as well as at https://youtu.be/B74Fv2kaaDI

ELECTION NIGHT COVERAGE AND RESULTS SHOW on Tuesday, March 6 at 7 p.m. on Channel 17/Town Meeting TV and at http://www.Ch17.TV 
Join hosts Diane Meyerhoff and Morgan True for exit poll interviews, special reports on the ballot and budget items, winner's speeches and most importantly, local results.

2018 Forums are listed below:

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Burlington Town Meeting Forum - The Mayoral Matchup - 02/05/2018 Mayoral candidates include Incumbent Miro Weinberger (D), Infinite Culcleasure (I), and Carina Driscoll (I). Presented in partnership with Channel 17/Town Meeting Television, Seven Days Vermont, and The Champlain Valley League of Women Voters.

Burlington Mayoral AARP Forum - 02/15/2018 Burlington Mayoral candidates meet in this forum sponsored by AARP, Burlington Business Association, VTDigger.org, and Local Motion at the Echo Leahy Center for Lake Champlain. Moderated by Fran Stoddard.
Burlington Town Meeting Ballot Items Presentation - 02/28/2018 Presentation of Burlington Ballot Items with City Officials.  Don't forget to VOTE March 1st!

Town Meeting Day Burlington Ballot Forum: The F-35 Article - 02/26/2018 Advocates on both sides of the F-35 debate Nicole Citro, Bill Keogh, Jimmy Leas, and Roseanne Greco share their perspectives on the F-35 plane to be used by the VT Air National Guard slated for 2019 during this live call-in forum.

Burlington School Budget Presentation - 02/22/2018 Burlington School Budget Presentation with Superintendent Yaw Obeng.Moderated by Diane Myerhoff.
Burlington City Council Wards 1, 2, and 4 Seats - 02/20/2018 Burlington City Council candidates in Wards 1, 2, and 4 Sharon Bushor (I) (Incumbent), Max Tracy (P) (Incumbent), and Kurt Wright (R) (Incumbent) discuss their candidacies with moderator Morgan True.
Burlington City Council Ward 3 Seat - 02/20/2018 Burlington City Council candidates for Ward 3 Lizzie Haskell (D), James Lockridge (I), and Brian Pine (P) lay out their platforms.

Burlington City Council Ward 5 Seat - 02/21/2018 Burlington City Council candidates for Ward 5 Chip Mason (D) (Incumbent) and Jesse Warren (P) outline their platforms.

Burlington City Council Ward 6 Seat - 02/21/2018 Burlington City Council candidates for Ward 6 Karen Paul (D), Charles Simpson (P) and Joel FitzGerald (R) outline their platforms.

Burlington City Council Ward 7 Seat - 02/21/2018 Burlington City Council candidates for Ward 7 Ali Dieng (D/P) (Incumbent) and James Loop II (I) outline their platforms. 

Burlington City Council Ward 8 Seat - 02/21/2018 Burlington City Council candidates for Ward 8 JF Carter (P) and Adam Roof (I) (Incumbent) outline their platforms. 
Burlington Ward 1 School Board Forum - 02/15/2018 Burlington School Board candidate for the Ward 1 seat, Eric Gorman, outlines his platform.

Burlington Ward 3 School Board Forum - 02/15/2018 Burlington School Board candidate for the Ward 3 seat Liz Curry (Incumbent) outlines her candidacy. Ib Nar was not available to attend this live event.

Burlington Ward 4 School Board Forum - 02/15/2018 Burlington School Board candidate for the Ward 4 seat Martine Gulick outlines her platform.

Burlington Ward 5 School Board Forum - 02/16/2018 Burlington School Board candidates for the Ward 5 seat Susanmarie Harrington (Incumbent), Mike Fisher, and Nicole Twohig outline their platforms.
Burlington Ward 7 School Board Forum - 02/16/2018 Burlington School Board candidate Monica Ivancic outlines her candidacy.

Burlington Ward 8 School Board Forum - 02/16/2018 Burlington School Board candidate Keith Pillsbury is running unopposed for the Ward 8 seat.

Burlington Ballot Item: Should Vermont Raise the Tobacco Age to 21? -02/14/2018 Julia Shannon-Grillo, Burlington High School student, BHS Register, interviews: Joan Shannon, Burlington City Councilor, South District; Dr. Propero Gogo, MD, Cardiologist with UVM Medical Center; Tatiana Byam, Edmunds Middle School student; and Mariah Sanderson, Burlington Partnership for A Healthy Community.

COLCHESTER (Recorded in the studios of LCATV contact info [at] lcatv [dot] org)

Colchester School Budget FY19 Presentation - 02/12/2018 Colchester School Budget Presentation in advance of Town Meeting budget voting.


Essex Town Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation - 02/13/2018 Essex Town Budget and Ballot Items with Town Manager Pat Scheidel and Max Levy, Selectboard Chair.

Essex Selectboard 3-Year Seat - 02/13/2018 Candidates for a 3-Year term on the Town of Essex, Vermont's Selectboard outline their platforms. Candidates include Elaine Sopchak, Timothy Farr, and Mona Sheppard.


South Burlington School District Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation -02/08/2018 South Burlington School District Superintendent David Young, District Finance Director John Aubin, and School Board Members Alexandra Escaja-Heiss, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, and Arnel Husrefovic join moderator Howard Wooden to discuss the projected FY19 Budget.

South Burlington School Board 2-Year Seat - 02/08/2018 South Burlington School Board incumbent Bridget Burkhardt, Michael Rozzi and Tyler Samler outline their candidacies.


South Burlington School Board 3-Year Seat - 02/08/2018 South Burlington School Board candidates Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Laura Williams outline their platforms for a 3-year seat.


South Burlington City Council 2 and 3-Year Seats - 02/07/2018 Incumbent candidates for the South Burlington City Council 2 and 3-year seats, Meaghan Emery and Helen Riehle, outline their platforms.


Winooski Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation - 02/23/2018 Winooski Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation with Mayor Seth Leonard and City Manager Jessie Baker.
Winooski Mayoral Forum - 02/23/2018 Incumbent Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard (unopposed) outlines plans for his next term during this interview with Diane Meyerhoff.


Winooski City Council 2-Year Seats - 02/23/2018 Candidates Ebony Nyoni and write-in candidate Hal Colston outline their platforms. Kristin Lott was recorded earlier on 2/16. There are two open positions for a 2-year seat.
Winooski School Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation - 02/19/2018 The Winooski School Budget Presentation with Sean McMannon, Superintendent of the Winooski School District, and Board Chair Mike Decarreau, Winooski School Board. They present the FY19 school budget and ballot items.
Winooski School Board 2 and 3-Year Seats - 02/19/2018 Winooski School Board candidates Alexander Yin and Tori Cleiland, both incumbents, are running for the 3-Year and 2-Year seats respectively. Alexander Yin is a write-in candidate and Tori Cleiland will appear on the ballot.


Williston Town Budget FY19 and Ballot Presentation - 02/09/2018 Selectboard Chair Terry Macaig is joined by Town Manager Rick McGuire, and Finance Director Jennifer Kennelly to present the proposed 2019 Town Budget.

Williston Selectboard 3-Year Seat - 02/09/2018 Williston Selectboard 3-Year Seat Forum with Terry Macaig (Incumbent).

Champlain Valley School District Budget FY19 Presentation - 02/12/2018 Champlain Valley School District representatives Elaine Pinckney, Jeanne Jensen, Lynne Jaunich, and Sandy Raymond outline the proposed budget for the school district.

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