Social Justice

Nicaraguan Trip Report- Cleary, Ankeney, and Williams 03/20/1986

Charlotte Dennett - Women, Economics, and the Forces Against the E.R.A. 03/18/1986

Vergennes Veterinarian Roger Ellis's First Trip to Nicaragua 03/16/1986

Dancathon to Help Cure Muiltiple Sclerosis 03/16/1986

Racism Interviews - Woman ??, Winooski 03/14/1986

Socially Responsible Investing Conference - Press Conference with Amy Domini 03/11/1986

Pledge of Resistance, Jaan Laaspere 03/09/1986

International Women's Week - Pawnee Sills Interview 03/05/1986

International Women's Week - Pawnee Sills, Black Social Artist 03/05/1986

Two Women's Programs 03/01/1986

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