Social Justice

The Wrath of Grapes - Boycotting Against the Use of Pesticides on Grapes 06/26/1987

The Housing Show: #14 COTS: The Wilson Residential Hotel & Rehab Program 06/22/1987

Growing Under Apartheid's Feet - 4 Films from South Africa 06/12/1987

Borderline - Strip Searching of Women at Ireland's Armagh Jail 04/17/1987

Victor Mashabela and Maine's Response to the So. African Crisis 04/01/1987

Bernie Speaks with the Community: 14 - With American Indian Movement Leader Vernon Bellecourt 03/27/1987

AIM Leader Vernon Bellecourt Arrives at the Burlington Airport 03/26/1987

Vernon Bellecourt - UVM Talk and Nicaragua Slide Show. 03/26/1987

Glimpses of Nicaragua, with Vergennes Veterinarian Roger Ellis 03/11/1987

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: Women in the Skilled Trades PSA 02/19/1987

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August 11, 2020 Primary Night Results

For unofficial results on election night, visit the Vermont Secretary of State's election results page. Results reported for Federal, statewide, Senate and House Seats. In September and October, Town Meeting TV will bring you live candidate forums for all federal, statewide and local elections.


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