Social Justice

Borderline - Strip Searching of Women at Ireland's Armagh Jail 04/17/1987

Victor Mashabela and Maine's Response to the So. African Crisis 04/01/1987

Bernie Speaks with the Community: 14 - With American Indian Movement Leader Vernon Bellecourt 03/27/1987

AIM Leader Vernon Bellecourt Arrives at the Burlington Airport 03/26/1987

Vernon Bellecourt - UVM Talk and Nicaragua Slide Show. 03/26/1987

Glimpses of Nicaragua, with Vergennes Veterinarian Roger Ellis 03/11/1987

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: Women in the Skilled Trades PSA 02/19/1987

A Vermont Legislative Committee Hears Testimony re: U.S.-Irish MacBride Economic Principles 02/03/1987

South Africa ANC PAL Video Shot Off NTSC TV 01/01/1987

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