Social Justice

Bernie Speaks with the Community: 38 - Sanders Records 2 Songs and Talks with 30 Vt. Musicians at White Crow Music Studio 11/19/1987

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders P.C. - The Ben Linder Peace Tour, with Mother Elizabeth Linder 10/22/1987

Peggy Luhrs and Oak Logalbo Discuss Patriarchy. Photos, Paper 10/07/1987

Burlington Moratorium to End the War in Central America: March & Talks 09/29/1987

Peggy Luhrs and Oak Logalbo “Patriarchy Moratorium” Workshop 09/29/1987

Peace Hunger Kitchen, A Display Created by Dinny Forbes 09/25/1987

The Wrath of Grapes - Boycotting Against the Use of Pesticides on Grapes 06/26/1987

The Housing Show: #14 COTS: The Wilson Residential Hotel & Rehab Program 06/22/1987

Growing Under Apartheid's Feet - 4 Films from South Africa 06/12/1987

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