Davitian Narration for Hometown Video Contest 01/01/1987

Nat Ayer and L-G Davitian on Mike Billingsley's PEG Access Show "Imagemakers" 12/07/1986

NFLCP Conference - George Stoney and Everett Parker Workshop on PEG Access 11/08/1986

Live Election Reporting at WDOT Radio Studios 11/04/1986

Live (Channel 15) PEG Access Retrospective - Celebrating Newly Dedicated Cable Channel15 10/30/1986

Media Makers: #24- Three News Photographers: Bob Davis, Jym Wilson, and Rob Swanson 10/24/1986

Waldorf School's Rene Querido on the Jack Barry Radio Show 10/09/1986

Media Makers: #23- Judy Simpson, Reporter, WVNY-TV 10/07/1986

Jane Driscoll - MYO's New 242 Main Political Awareness Series 10/01/1986

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Town Meeting Day 2021 Forums Begin January 14th

To help voters better understand the people and questions on their local ballots, Town Meeting TV (formerly known as Channel 17) will present a series of candidate forums, budget presentations, and other election-related programs beginning Thursday, January 14th.


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