Vermont Women's TV Network - Promo and Erotic Video Letter 05/30/1987

Somerville, MA Live Call-In "Reverse" P.C. - Politicians Quiz Press Corps 05/21/1987

Davitian Mother's Day Media Critique 05/10/1987

Cable TV Testimony to the Vt. Senate Finance Cmte. 04/07/1987

Fashions of the Times – Media and Fashion Critique 03/27/1987

Resources Holds Telecommunications Open House & Teleconference 02/19/1987

CCTV Goes to Montpelier/Vt TV Net: Montpelier Press Corps: Karvelas, Lewis, and Sline 01/29/1987

Davitian and Ayer on WVNY's "Forum 22" Program 01/18/1987

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