Live Election Reporting at WDOT Radio Studios 11/04/1986

Live (Channel 15) PEG Access Retrospective - Celebrating Newly Dedicated Cable Channel15 10/30/1986

Media Makers: #24- Three News Photographers: Bob Davis, Jym Wilson, and Rob Swanson 10/24/1986

Waldorf School's Rene Querido on the Jack Barry Radio Show 10/09/1986

Media Makers: #23- Judy Simpson, Reporter, WVNY-TV 10/07/1986

Jane Driscoll - MYO's New 242 Main Political Awareness Series 10/01/1986

Media Makers: #21- Donna Donovan, New Publisher at the Burlington Free Press 09/12/1986

Nat and CCTV Flag on Russell Means and Gov. Kunin Press Conference 09/11/1986

Russell Means UVM Talk News Item 09/11/1986

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