Burlington Board of Aldermen - Televising Meetings and Sisco "Audience" Chastisement 01/11/1988

Alexander Cockburn, Left-Wing Irish-American Political Journalist and Writer 12/13/1987

WCAX-TV Story About CCTV's 3rd Anniversary Party 10/09/1987

Davitian Cable TV Alert and Invitation to New Public Access Season 10/01/1987

The Wrath of Grapes - Boycotting Against the Use of Pesticides on Grapes 06/26/1987

Royce Dendler Awakens to the Opportunities of Public Access TV 06/26/1987

CCTV's Nat Ayer Protests Advertising on Public Asscess TV 06/26/1987

'Tenants Helping Tenants' Group Cites Grievances Against BHA 06/26/1987

242 Main Presents - "On the Marketplace", Youth Interviews 06/02/1987

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