Paradise Project Departure for New Orleans Travel Trip 10/29/1986

Waldorf School's Rene Querido on the Jack Barry Radio Show 10/09/1986

Jane Driscoll - MYO's New 242 Main Political Awareness Series 10/01/1986

Mary Okin Performs "The Family Tree", Her 18th Century Women Profiles 08/10/1986

In the Mood for Food - Appetizers 07/08/1986

In the Mood for Food - Cold Salads 07/08/1986

Burlington Youth Employment Program - Opening of Howe Meadows House 07/02/1986

Digging in to Dinner and the Edmunds Middle School Graduation 06/12/1986

Roger Ellis's Video of Nicaraguan Kids, Baseball, Day Care, Farms, Scenes 06/08/1986

Lisa Kiley UVM Art Exibit 06/08/1986

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