Vermont School Development Institute (SDI) & UVM Education: SDI - "Child Education" Edit 11/01/1989

Planning for Disabilities Series #3 - Sight and Hearing Impairment 07/07/1989

Planning for Disabilities Series #2 - Reviewing Accessibility Standards 07/06/1989

Fireman Zimmermann 07/01/1989

Dr. Joesph Brady MCHV Lecture onPot and Motivation Studies 05/19/1989

Warren Spinner Arbor Day Talk at School and Tree Planting 05/03/1989

Fletcher Free Library - Looking to the Future 04/21/1989

Women's Neighborhood Economic Strategies Forum - Press Conference 03/27/1989

Ronan Murphy Press Conference re Meaniong of St. Patrick's Day 03/16/1989

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