BCLT Interviews #2 - Manhatten Dr., Crowley St., and Pine St. Family Homeowners and Houses 10/16/1985

"Moving In Bright Street", a BCLT/BYEP Rehab Affordable Housing Project 09/28/1985

BYEP Bright St. Rehab Project, Hokans Interview 09/23/1985

BCLT Interviews #1 - St. Louis St. Homeowner Beauchmin; Manhatten Dr. Premo; "I Bought a House..." Beauchmin Interview 08/25/1985

Public Service Announcements. PSAs.: "I Bought a House from the Burlington Community Land Trust" 08/14/1985

BYEP - Bright St. Rehab Work in Progress, Interviews, at a BCLT House 07/11/1985

Walter Littlemoon- Wounded Knee Slide Show and Discussion 04/12/1985

Afternoon Forum of the Burlington Housing Conference 03/25/1985

Demolition of Downtown Winooski 08/01/1973

Vermont Natural Resources Council - " goes Vermont" 01/01/1971

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