CCTV Media Conference 1985: Media Workshop. - What Do Children Learn from Television? 10/26/1985

CCTV Media Conference 1985: Media Workshop - Prime Time Television 10/26/1985

CCTV Media Conference 1985: Opening Public Forum - "Does the Media Lie?" 10/25/1985

National Diffusion Network - Education Interview with ??? 10/17/1985

Francis Moore Lappe Pot Luck Supper - Health and Food 10/17/1985

Red Maple Productions Promo for Holly Near Concert 10/11/1985

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How Our Friends Open the Doors!

In early July, MMCTV moved to a new location, renting a space on the 3rd floor of the Richmond Town Center. It’s an exciting shift into the center of town, with three nonprofit neighbors also in the building and the library across the parking lot. While hosting our TV camp for youngsters in August, we enjoyed having the elbow room at our new space!


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